My Film Buzz

Type of work:

Illustration, Storyboarding, Branding

Animation support - Matthew Margerison

My Film Buzz is a social app for film lovers, giving you film scores and recommendations based on people you trust. Users can up-vote or down-vote movies, follow friends, find users with similar tastes and share movie ratings and reviews.

I was briefed to create a graphic language and animated explainer video to help launch the app and communicate with potential investors.

The tone of voice of the campaign centres around the fact that people have varied and unexpected taste in movies, and computer algorithms are not as nuanced as people when it comes to film recommendations and movie ratings.


The animated informative explainer video uses a narrative of 2 characters that have different movie tastes to tell playful story of why this app can help the user. Individual scenes were also rendered out as looping GIFs to become part of a wider brand identity on social media.


Typographic posters were also created, continuing the split motif and different movie tastes motif