Penguin Pride

Identity, event graphics and branded collateral for Penguin Pride 2018.

The brief was to create a bold and energetic campaign to focus on looking forward and appeal to a wider and younger audience - The idea underpinning the creative is that everyone is an individual, and when we come together we form a community. The iconic rainbow colours have been separated out and used individually to represent this, amplified by the black and white base that acts as a platform for the content to stand out (black and white being a nod to the colours of a Penguin!). Other assets include the love heart doodle motif in individual colours, and the Penguin logo holding hands icon that can be used in any of the rainbow colours, communicating a strong and defiant message that you can love anyone.

The event goers and audience are encouraged to choose their favourite colour t-shirts etc. and each piece of communication can be assigned one of the 6 colours, resulting in a playful, adaptable and expressive campaign used across digital, print, social platforms and motion.