Sunbird Records

Type of work:

Graphic Design, Animation, Print, Digital

I have supported indie record label Sunbird Records and recording artist Jamie Hamilton for several of his release, including creating album artwork and music videos.

Love Songs For The End of The World

Album artwork, lyric video and social assets for the launch campaign of the album


The album is a loose story on finding love during an apocalypse or comparing the death of a relationship to the end of the world. The artwork has a futuristic post-mortem type theme with anatomical imagery and bright neon colours.

The ’/’ icon is a visual symbol for opposites in the instances of the album, e.g life / death.

“Operating firmly outside of the mainstream, Jamie Hamilton continues to create quietly ambitious musings on relationships, technology, politics and the human condition. His 2nd full length album, ‘Love Songs For The End Of The World’ released in February 2019.”

The lyric video for the single ‘Moon Waver’ is based on the theme of traveling to the moon…. with surprise guest appearances.

Us in Atlantis Pt. 2

Us In Atlantis Pt. 2 is the title track of Jamie Hamiltons 2017 EP released on Sunbird Records.
I created the album artwork and a lyric video for the lead title track.


The lyric video for the single 'Us In Atlantis Pt.2' combines primitive hand-drawn typography with electronic glitches
to match the fragile lyrics and digital elements of the track.


The View Before We Hit The Water


Artwork for the album ‘The View Before We Hit The Water’, a concept album about the characters disillusionment with life. The hand drawn doodles of the albums artwork are the characters thoughts and sketches of the stories is each of the songs. The ‘…’ motif represents ‘to be continued’ or the characters thought process.