WipEout™ Omega Collection

WipEout: Omega Collection is a re-mastering of two classic WipEout games brought up to date for the PS4 in 4K graphics. The brief was to create the brand identity and launch campaign for the title including the logo, pack art, video trailers and communications on and offline.

The brief was distilled into 3 key messages: Showcase 4K graphics, celebrate the heritage of the franchise, and make consumers aware this is a re-make rather a new title. To show this, the iconic ships are given a minimal graphic framing and take centre stage, using iconic graphics, logos and symbols from the games, and having the WipEout logo in an vibrant and adaptable colour way that compliments the composition and ship colours.

Graphic Design support - Chris Clancy & Sam Richardson
3D Design support - Junior Pressendo
Further Creative Support - SIA PDSG & SIE Central Creative teams